As Producer

Stuff I’ve produced this century (i.e. since 2000)…

I took a break from album production while studying for a degree in composition. Around Christmas 2015, singer/songwriter and old friend Michael Friedman hauled me back in, and we had way too much fun making Mike’s new album Random Acts Of Tuning (Canadian release Sept 2016). This album’s pretty much pure-up-close-and-intimate-and-acoustic, and spotlights Michael’s beautiful playing/singing and strong songwriting in very different settings. His version of Malvina Reynolds‘ 1960s What Have They Done To The Rain? is my hands-down favourite version of this classic song. Michael Friedman: gtr/voice, Peggy Lee: cello (cello arrangement by yours truly)

This is the opening track from one of the most fun albums I’ve ever produced – Steve Hilliam‘s 2006 Inside The Lines. Steve Hilliam – sax, Randall Stoll – drums, Tilden Webb – keys, Tim Porter – guitar, Kerry Galloway – bass.

Something totally different – lounge/chillout with Astrid from her second album Silent Heart:

The Key – vintagey Bebel Gilberto-channeling lounge/chillout from Astrid’s 2005 debut album Red Umbrella: